Hope VI FreshStart

HOPE VI – Occupancy Request

FreshStart Foundation is now accepting requests for occupancy of the new units at Riverview. If you are interested in returning to Riverview, please complete the Request for Occupancy.

The form is available in the following formats:

* PDF » (Click to download. You will need to mail the form or drop it off at the FreshStart office. The FreshStart office address can be found at the top of the PDF.)

* Online Form » (Click to complete and submit online.)

To be eligible for occupancy at Riverview, you must have been enrolled in the CSS program for at least one year. In addition, all able-bodied adult family members must be employed full-time (average 30 hours per week), a full-time student, or a combination of both. All requests for occupancy at Riverview will be considered by date and time of application and enrollment along with criteria listed above.

For more information, please email or call Brenda Dowell at 423-392-2548 or stop by our offices.