Hope VI FreshStart

FreshStart –

The FreshStart Foundation is the Kingsport Housing and Redevelopment Authority's (KHRA) program to deliver Community Supportive Services. We offer HOPE VI participants access to the many programs and services available in our community to families in need.

Under the CSS strategy, major programming is provided in the areas identified as priorities in the Resident Survey.

  • Mom with SonJob Skills Training
  • Childcare: non-traditional hours
  • Improved transportation
  • Employment assistance
  • College courses
  • Homeownership counseling
  • Better access to healthcare facilities
  • Recreation
  • Childcare-improved
  • GED Training
  • Senior Services
  • Credit Improvement Counseling
  • Literacy classes
  • Tutoring for Children

Individual residents may benefit from each program area, but the focus is on the needs of each household.

The CSS program tracks each resident with the expectation that shifts occur in the identified priorities. Northeast State Community College will evaluate the available data annually, supplemented by interviews and focus groups, to determine program effectiveness in enabling persons to move towards housing and income self-sufficiency, where that is feasible, or towards a more stable, fulfilling life for those in cases where this is not feasible. This redevelopment project will also provide dozens of jobs and economic opportunities for residents and businesses.

The KHRA maintains a strong Family Self Sufficiency public housing and Housing Choice Voucher program. Through this program a number of families have already achieved homeownership. More than 40 corporate and service agency partners including corporate and business partners, UETHDA, United Way, and faith-based partners are assisting with this effort.

Mom with ChildrenIn summary, HOPE VI will change the physical shape of public housing so that it reflects the surrounding community instead of being seen as isolated housing. It will develop positive incentives for resident self- sufficiency and leverage support and resources by joining with other community partners. Modern, efficient homes will exist where once stood severely distressed and blighted housing units. There will also be numerous economic benefits to the City as a whole and opportunities for home ownership for individuals and families.